11 Main’s Kim Brown and Shop Owners in the News


Fashion Week has officially wrapped and our Director or Merchandising, Kim Brown, offered her commentary as one of Pantone’s influencers in their Fashion Color Report Fall 2015. As someone who takes great care in hand-selecting 11 Main shops and boutiques, Kim is a lover of color and sees first-hand the impact color can have on a shop, brand or product.


Kim’s pulled together a collection of her favorite 11 Main products, all of which are inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year, Marsala. From jewelry to fashion to home decor, Marsala is a versatile hue that will give you just the right amount of spice. Need inspiration? Be sure to check out Kim’s picks on 11 Main!


Wondering what other 11 Main finds people are loving? From AnneSage.com, Aventura, Country Living, Vogue.com, RealSimple.com, StyleBistro.com and more, 11 Main shops are feeling the love from some of your favorite site and publications!


Sudsbury Table 2

Sudbury Dining Table, $755

11 Main Shop: SmartFurniture

As Seen In: AnneSage.com


Lovejoy light 2

Lovejoy Bowl Pendant Light Fixture, $345

11 Main Shop: Fix Studio

As Seen In: AnneSage.com

Aventura 1Aventura 2Aventura 3

Gia Earrings, $950

11 Main Shop: Mabel Chong

Red And Teal Heart Table Runner – 14″ X 26″, $35

11 Main Shop: The Recoverie

Model OneAM/FM Table Radio Frost White/Ember Red, $180

11 Main Shop: HiDef Lifestyle

As Seen In: Aventura

Country Living

Eames Floral Pillow, $55

11 Main Shop: The Pillow Collection

As Seen In: Country Living

medallion wine 2

Medallion Colors Wine Glasses, $36

11 Main Shop: JAF Gifts

As Seen In: StyleBistro.com

Wine charms 2

Colorful Butterfly Wine Charms, $25

11 Main Shop: Loralyn Designs

As Seen In: StyleBistro.com

HeartCoasters 2

Heart Shaped Cork Coasters, $4.20 – 4.60

11 Main Shop: The Path Less Traveled

As Seen In: RealSimple.com

Legs 2

Kelly Wearstler’s Classic Legs, $1495

11 Main Shop: Bloom By Anuschka

As Seen In: Vogue.com

Crest Bottle Openers 2

Crest Bottle Opener, $44 – $60

11 Main Shop: Vessel

As Seen In: Vogue.com

backscratcher 2

26″ Telescopic Extendable Back Scratcher Massager Padded Handle – Fun Colors, $8

11 Main Shop: Deals Only

As Seen In: Vogue.com

We’re so excited to be able to bring you so many amazing shops and boutiques, and clearly others are excited to find out what’s on 11 Main, too. What are some of your favorite 11 Main shops or products?

From East To West: A Road Trip To Our Favorite Shops

From East To West: A Road Trip To Our Favorite Shops

This week we’re excited to launch a virtual cross-country road trip, taking several happy detours along the way to our favorite shops in locations all across the U.S.

Join us, shop with us and say hello to the best shops in each region. Cruise through the West Coast for cool vibes and casually chic styles from shops like Alys Grace and Seattle Thread Company, and make sure to treat yourself to some wining and dining with gourmet kitchen essentials from VESSEL. For luxe leather and bright bohemian accessories, stop in the Southwest at Hawle Leather Co. and Barse Jewelry. And shoot straight to the heart of it in the Midwest for finely crafted clothing and a little heartland charm at Lur Apparel and Closet Barcode.

Quick ski getaway, anyone? Score some seriously cool slope style and après-ski gear as you escape to the specialty shops of the Rocky Mountains. Even if you’re trying to master the bunny slopes, you’ll look cool doing it with bright bamboo skis from Liberty Skis.

And finally, finish up on the East Coast for some style cues from up-and-coming boutiques in Brooklyn and beyond. Check out cool capes from Cleverhood, downtown chic duds from InVogue USA, and don’t forget to pick up a sweet Southeast vintage find from The Jewelry Lady’s Store.


heart runner

11 Main Squeezes: What Our Editors Are Gifting This Valentine’s Day

We’ll admit it, we tend to get attached to the many amazing items we come across each day at 11 Main. Our editors even more sofrom hand selecting and learning the story behind each shop, it’s hard not to want to personally purchase every new item that gets added daily. Our editors have been building their own personal wish lists for awhile now, so can bet these gifts are good (we’d like to think you’ll fall in love with them, too).

Whether it’s a personal gift (literally, for themselves), for a friend, a loved one or just for fun, our editors are taking advantage of this heartfelt holiday and want to share the love. From a handmade, block-print heart table runner for a special Valentine’s Day dinner to an old-fashioned shaving set, see why our editors narrowed it down to these special items to treat their sweethearts (and themselves) with.

vintage fan

The Great Treasure Hunt: Flea Market Chic

It’s hard to match the feeling of finding that perfect flea market find. Combing through the crowds and blur of antiques and collectibles is a serious mission. Lucky for us, there lies thousands of specialty shops across America full of these finds right at our fingertips. Shops carrying one-of-a-kind collectibles, vintage heirlooms, handmade jewelry and special decor items we didn’t know existed. From a shabby chic-esque vintage farmhouse milking stool to a hand-painted metallic gold 3-sided owl planter, adding just one of these original items can transform a space and give it a dose of personality. So, dig in! We happily hunted the 11 Main specialty shops and boutiques and found flea market chic items we’re sure you’ll be happy not to have to bargain for.

Valentine's Day Gifts Blog Post

Unique Gifts For Your Valentine

The best Valentine’s Day memories are made with hugs, kisses and unique gifts. If you’re looking for a truly special gift this year, here are a few ideas to delight your one and only. We’re sure these gifts will help cupid’s romantic arrow hit its mark.

1. A beloved pillow Cuddle up together with this soft, bouncy pillow that makes getting cozy even cozier. Even after Valentine’s Day, you can display this beautiful reminder of your love year-round. Plus, pillows like these come with an added bonus: Your valentine will know you planned ahead this year by choosing a thoughtful and personal gift. Shop it here.

2. A lovely necklace Make sure she dazzles this Valentine’s Day with an incredible necklace from the shops at 11 Main. In particular, this personalized locket necklace is guaranteed to impress. Looking for a heart-shaped box necklace, in particular? This box locket, bearing delicate Swarovski crystal beads, has room to carry something meaningful that she’ll wear close to her heart. If you’re feeling really romantic this year, you might even add a small item reminiscent of your first date or your first anniversary. This small, personal touch will remind her of one of the most cherished times she has spent with you. Shop it here.

3. Cherished chocolates What could be more luscious, more decadent or more romantic than chocolate? If you don’t want to go with a typical “from the candy store” chocolate, give your sweetheart chocolates you create. Don’t worry; it’s easy! With a Valentine’s Day chocolate mold, making your own candy simply entails melting chocolate, pouring it into the mold and letting it cool. These chocolate molds can’t wait to create loving forms like doves or silky smooth chocolate hearts. You can even create a cute chocolate cupid ready to plunge an arrow into an unsuspecting someone. How you present this tasty gift is completely up to you. You might serve it with a romantic dinner or artfully arrange it on a beautiful crystal plate as a surprise. Better yet, you may use it as an addition to a bedroom full of candles and rose petals. Shop it here.

4. A snuggable stuffed animal If you travel for a living, give your S.O. something to cuddle while you’re gone. But don’t go with just any stuffed animal, amaze your one and only this Valentine’s Day with a personalized couples teddy bear. This adorable Boyds Plush 12-inch Valentine’s Day Bear has promises to keep, promises such as warmth, cuddles and snuggles. This bear is, oh, so soft and romantic with those ruffles and hearts. Another adorable stuffed animal that is sure to win hearts this Valentine’s Day is a multi-talented plush dog. With playfully floppy ears and incredibly soft fur, this animal is not only fun to hug, it’s also fun to listen to. Standing 11.5 inches tall, this entertaining gift is sure to score smiles as it sings for your sweetheart. This gift will be especially delightful to anyone with a fondness for the oldies as it sings “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch,” and folds and unfolds the love message embroidered on the string of hearts. Shop it here.

5. Zombie love If she scoffs at the typical Valentine’s Day gifts, go with the abnormal. A zombie plush doll might just be bizarre enough to coax a smile. With its bizarre heart message, and macabre features and fake blood, this is a gift that really has you thinking outside the box. No matter what type of Valentine’s Day gift you end up selecting, the choices at 11 Main are sure to delight. Make sure your Valentine’s Day is perfect with just the right gift for the one you love. Shop it here.

No matter who you’ve got in mind for your gift giving adventures this Valentine’s Day, the one thing we know for sure is that if your gift is from the heart, that’s a good place to start.

iphone case multi tool

Tech It Easy: 10 Gadgets To Simplify Your Life

Oh, the simple life. In a world where forgetting your phone charger can cause a nervous breakdown, any item that saves you a little time (and battery life) is worth a lot. Inspired by last week’s 2015 International CES (the year’s biggest tech trade show), we hope you’re ready to digitally dominate with some time-saving technology.

Here are 10 of the best gadgets to simplify your life from some of our favorite shops to keep you charged, organized and conveniently connected while still on the go.


With these 10 techy gadgets designed to not only simplify your life, but also add the ability to have impromptu dance parties and catch up sessions, you’re ready to take on 2015. Goodbye, cord tangles and lost or damaged devices. Hello, hands-free and carefree.

Attic Chats with Dani of The Recoverie

It’s hard to not be inspired by a city like San Francisco. The streets, the architecture, the people, the parks — and the views! — can leave even the most creative individuals feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Not so for Dani Broder, founder and designer of The Recoverie. Ever since she began block printing in college, Dani has left her stamp in the creative world. Her take on designing home goods is a refreshing departure from the sometimes cookie-cutter styles that can often be found at big box retailers.


“I get my inspiration from old patterns, shapes, colors, architecture in San Francisco, things I see on the sidewalk…lots of things!”


From her attic work space in The Mission, you can literally feel the inspiration buzzing from the ground up. (Or maybe that was just an earthquake…) Dani’s work space has that intangible quality that creative spaces often have: In it, you somehow feel that you’re right in the thick of the action, yet removed from the insanity all at once.


Squeeze through the attic window and climb up onto her roof (careful not to tumble down to the street below!), and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a truly incredible 360-degree view of the city, anchored by the Sutro Tower less than a mile away.

For any other person, this view might simply serve as the cherry on top of this great little house on Treat Street, but for Dani, it’s more than that — it’s a wellspring of inspiration and the driving force behind her brand.


We recently spent the day with Dani in her attic, and we have the video to prove it! Find out the story behind this beautiful SF shop and its inspired products. Watch the clip below, then shop her hand block printed home wares on 11 Main for even more inspiration.


11 Main: “As Seen In” Your Favorite Publications

Happy holidays to all! At 11 Main, there’s nothing that gets us more excited than amazing products from incredible shop owners all around the U.S. We love hearing their stories and seeing more and more unique items added to our growing collection of specialty shops and boutiques every day.

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season upon us, we know how hectic it can be to find that perfect gift for someone. So, we’ve pulled together the hottest 11 Main holiday picks as seen in some of your favorite publications. Check them out below and make sure you grab your favorites from 11 Main today!


Keyport Slide 2.0, $74

11 Main Shop: Keyport

Keyport_Slide 2.0

AS SEEN IN: Parade Magazine, December


Park Row City Cruiser, $499

11 Main Shop: Sole Bicycles

Print_OUT Magazine_December 2014

AS SEEN IN: OUT Magazine, December



Monogram Bracelet, 1.25″ Gold Plated Over Silver, $58

11 Main Shop: Personalized Jewelry

Personalized Jewelry_Monogram Bangle

AS SEEN IN: StyleBistro.com



Snuggly Ugly For Brooklyn Makers Mostritos, $52

11 Main Shop: Brooklyn Makers

Brooklyn Makers_Ugly Doll

AS SEEN IN: Kiwi Magazine, December


Unicorn Horn, Price: $20

11 Main Shop: Brooklyn Makers

Brooklyn Makers_Unicorn Horn

AS SEEN IN: Real Simple, December


Crown Hair Ornament, $16,

11 Main Shop: Hello Alyss

HelloAlyss_Crown Clip

AS SEEN IN:Real Simple, December


Ty Olaf Beanie Babies Stuffed Plush Toy, $7

11 Main Shop: Whinycat





KatKabin DezRez Outdoor Cat House, $99,

11 Main Shop: KatKabin


AS SEEN IN: OK! Magazine



Grinch Wrap, $7

11 Main Shop: Wrapped

Wrapped_Grinch Wrap

AS SEEN IN: Refinery29


Wreath Double Sided Wrap, $7

11 Main Shop: Wrapped


AS SEEN IN: Racked.com


Dyptich, $7

11 Main Shop: Wrapped

Wrapped_DyptichAS SEEN IN: Racked.com


Fiddler Wrapping Paper, $7

11 Main Shop: Wrapped


AS SEEN IN: Racked.com


Clash Gift Tag Set, $7

11 Main Shop: Wrapped

Wrapped_Gift Tags

AS SEEN IN: Racked.com

Happier Shopping with the 11 Main App

Meet 11 Main’s Mobile Applications Available for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

Hi everyone,

We’re very excited to announce the availability of new mobile applications that will enhance your shopping experience at 11 Main. Starting today, you will be able to download shopping apps for iPhone, iPod touch and Android. Anyone with an iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3 can use Apple Pay through 11 Main’s mobile application, giving you yet another convenient way to make purchases. An iPad version will be available later this year.

The 11 Main mobile applications are specifically designed to take full advantage of each device’s format. The apps are optimized to help you discover best-in-class shops and products from 11 Main that fit your personality and sense of style. Visuals are displayed much like a catalog, giving you an experience similar to browsing a digital magazine. On top of that, you’re online account is seamlessly integrated across all devices.

With more than a million products available at 11 Main, we encourage you to explore and discover the specialty shops and boutiques that you won’t find anywhere else! Our goal is to provide you with a best-in-class shopping experience — on mobile and the Web!

To download the 11 Main mobile applications, please visit: https://11main.com/mobile-apps.

Happy Shopping!

Mike Effle

President and General Manager, 11 Main


Welcome! Introducing the 11 Main Official Blog

come in we're open window shopping2

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

– Ferris Bueller

Hi everyone,

At 11 Main, we’re passionate about your shopping experience. We are inspired by the diversity and personal touch of Main Street shopping across America, but we also love the added convenience, selection and value available with online shopping. Our goal is to help you find more shops every day that feature products that best match your individual personality, interests and personal style.

Since we unveiled 11 Main in June, life has been moving incredibly fast. Every day, we’re connecting with more and more best-in-class shop owners with amazing stories and products and growing our hand selected collection of specialty shops and boutiques. We’re extremely proud to be working with shop owners who are passionate about their products and work incredibly hard to provide you with a great experience, whether their expertise is in Fashion & Style, Home & Outdoor, Jewelry & Watches, Baby & Kids, Collecting & Art, Crafts, Hobbies & Toys, or any of our other categories. On top of that, we’re incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to introduce you to our continuously growing collection of shops at 11 Main.

Life can get busy and make it difficult to stop and look around. We hope to make things a little easier with “Window Shopping” at 11 Main. As 11 Main’s official blog, Window Shopping gives you an at-a-glance look at some of our favorite shops, shop owners and products. You’ll also see the latest trends, news, and collections, in addition to announcements about how we’re making your shopping experience even more enjoyable.

11 Main is constantly on the go. Make sure you don’t miss anything by subscribing to our e-mail or RSS feed. OR catch 11 Main out and about by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

Most importantly, your feedback is critical to making the 11 Main shopping experience the absolute best it can be. We’ve already learned so much from those of you who shopped with us during our invitation period, and we look forward to hearing from you even more in the future. What are some of the things you’re looking forward to seeing on Window Shopping? What are some of the things you’ve discovered on 11 Main?

On behalf of the amazing 11 Main team and the shop owners we work to support, Happy Shopping!

Mike Effle

President and General Manager, 11 Main